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Japanese Beer Imports

    • Drinks Japanese Beer Imports

    • Asahi Super Dry 12 oz

    • Echigo Koshi 17oz

    • Echigo Stout 11.5oz

    • Orion 21.4oz

    • Kirin Ichiban 12oz

    • Kirin Ichiban 22oz

    • Kirin Light 12oz

    • Sapporo Silver 22oz


Japanese Premium Sake

    • Drinks Japanese Premium Sake

    • Kannihonkai Junmai Genshu

      Kannihonkai Junmai Genshu

      glass $6 / 720ml $47

      Type: Junmai Genshu
      S.M.V: +15
      Prefecture: Shimane

      Initially bold and full-bodied, rice-forward, with a sharper pre-finish bite typical of cask-strength Genshu sake. A vanishing and unique finish. The character completely changes at room temperature. Serve chilled.

    • Bunraku Kinmai Shu "Dancing Gold Flakes"

      300ml $23

      Type: Junmai Ginjo
      S.M.V: +3
      Prefecture: Saitama

      Celebrations call for glorious sake. The elegant dancing gold flakes are said to enhance good fortune. Medium-bodied, mellow, rice-forward with a delicate aroma.

    • Dassai 50 "Otter Fest"

      300ml $21

      Type: Junmai Daiginjo
      S.M.V: +4
      Prefecture: Yamaguchi

      Light, balanced, clean and easy drink. This is a star. It's wonderful for beginners to get into sake and fantastic for others to simply enjoy.

    • Nobu TK40 Daiginjo Blue

      300ml $29

      Type: Junmai Daiginjo
      S.M.V: +4
      Precture: Sado

      This sake, being part of Nobu's private stock, is very smooth and well rounded. Aromas are sweet, however, the lift of acidity combined with hints of cedar and dark honey on the palate compliment each other.

    • Tomoju

      375ml $21

      Type: Junmai Ginjo
      S.M.V: +2
      Prefecture: Ibaraki

      Refreshing aroma of Muscat grapes and soft fruity sweetness with an elegant smooth taste. "Gold Medal Winner" three years in a row at "Monde Selection" 2004-2006.

    • Kikusui "Perfect Snow" Nigori

      300ml $17

      Type: Genshu Nigori
      S.M.V: -39
      Prefecture: Niigata

      Perfect Snow is a white, cloudy sake reminscent of pure snow, with a crisp, dynamic flavor despite its sweet, full-bodied palate.

    • Kamotsuru Nama Kakoi

      300ml $17

      Type: Nama Junmai
      S.M.V: +4
      Prefecture: Hiroshima

      This raw "NAMA" sake is an amazingly refreshing sake with a fresh aroma and dry taste.

    • Shirakabe Gura

      300ml $19

      Type: Tobubetsu JM
      S.M.V: +2
      Prefecture: Hyogo

      Fermented slowly and carefully at a low temperature. The taste is thick and mellow with a great aroma and flavor of premium rice called "Gohyakumangoku"

    • Bunraku Nihonjin No Wasuremone

      300ml $19

      Type: Yamahai Junmai
      S.M.V: +5
      Prefecture: Saitama

      Using natural microorganisms such as lactic acid bacterium, this Yamahai Junmai has been fermented and processed with a great deal of effort. It's refreshing and clean, with fruity overtones and a pleasing finish.

    • Sawa Sawa Sparkling

      250ml $12

      Type: JM Sparkling
      S.M.V: -55
      Prefecture: Nara

      Sparkling Junmai Nigori-Sake brewed using rice and rice malt only. It is clear with a sweet taste that goes down easy and delicious.

    • Taisetsu Ice Dome

      300ml $19

      Type: Junmai Ginjo
      S.M.V: +3
      Prefecture: Hokkaido

      Brewed with special care, this is pure Hokkaido prefacture made sake. It has a very delicate aroma and a refreshing palate. Medium dry sake.

    • Genbeisan No Onikoroshi

      180ml $8

      Type: Honjozo
      S.M.V: +5
      Prefecture: Fushimi

      Rich and dry with a smooth taste. Goes well with sashimi and grilled fish.

    • Tanzan Japon

      300ml $22

      Type: Junmai Sparkling
      S.M.V: -60
      Prefecture: Kinki Kyoto

      Light and smooth sparkling sake that drinks like champagne. Similar to an aperitif. Best served chilled or room temperature.

Hot Sake

Hot Sake

    • Drinks Hot Sake

    • Atsu-kan' (Hot Sake)

      $5 sm / $10 lg
    • Kuromatsu-Hakushika (Hyogo, Japan)

      $5 sm / $10 lg
    • Purple Twist (wih Chambord)

      $7 sm / $12 lg
    • Golden Sake (with Choya plum wine)

      $7 sm / $12 lg
    • G-ma Sake (with Grand Marnier)

      $7 sm / $12 lg

Cold Sake

    • Drinks Cold Sake

    • Rei-shu' (Cold Sake)

      $5 sm / $10 lg
    • Kuromatsu-Hakushika (Hyogo, Japan)

      $5 sm / $10 lg
    • Mango Sake (with Parrot Bay Mango)

      $10 each / 3 for $20
    • Peach Sake (with Dekuyper's Peach Schnapps)

      $10 each / 3 for $20
    • Pineapple Sake (with Parrot Bay Pineapple)

      $10 each / 3 for $20

Domestic Sake

    • Drinks Domestic Sake

    • Ozeki Dry Junmai (California, USA)

      6oz bottle - $6.50

      This airy sake is light, dry and delicate on the palate with a refreshing fruitiness - a great match for salads, tofu, and other light fares.

    • Ginjo Premier Junmai Ginjo (California, USA)

      12 oz bottle - $15.50

      Renowned for its fruity fragrance, this carefully crafted sake is brewed from highly refined rice to create a pure sake with a rich, complex flavor and strikingly smooth finish. It complements anything from lighter fare to full flavored dishes.

    • Ozeki Nigori "Unfiltered" (California, USA)

      12oz bottle - $12

      Rich, creamy, and sweet - this unfiltered sake is milky in color and preserves the essence of rice. Served chilled, this sake is an ideal aperitif and complements spicy dishes very well. It is also delicious as a sweet treat to finish off a meal.

Premium Domestic Sake

    • Drinks Premium Domestic Sake

    • Rock Sake "Cloud" (Oregon, USA)

      carafe - $15 / 750ml bottle $45

      Rock Sake Cloud is "nigori" sake, which means "cloudy" in Japanese. This specially designated sake is roughly filtered, thus opaque in appearance, and has a slightly sweeter flavor. Rock Sake Cloud is Junmai Ginjo quality - the rice used is polished down to 60% of its original size. Fresh aroma, slightly sweet, hints of rock melon and coconut with a delicate finish. Ask to see our Rock Sake cocktails list!

    • Rock Sake Junmai Daiginjo (Oregon, USA)

      carafe - $15 / 750ml bottle $45

      Handcrafted using all natural California rice milled to 50% and pure mountain spring water from the coastal mountain ranges of Oregon. Rock Sake has a delicate, crisp flavor that lightens the spirit and refreshes the body and soul. Light floral and sweet citrus on the nose, perfectly balanced body with hints of rock melon and an even finish.

Imported Sake

    • Drinks Imported Sake

    • Funaguchi Kikusui "Yellow Can" (Nilgata, Japan)

      200ml can - $13

      Funaguchi is a truly fresh sake which is not subjected to either pasteurization or blending. Being rich yet light in taste, Funaguchi presents slightly different mature tastes as it deepens its maturation in a can, fresh out of the brewery, six months later, and one year later. Great with rich or spicy dishes.

    • Hana - Awaka "Sparkling Flower" (Hyogo, Japan)

      8.5oz bottle - $11.50

      This refreshing sake brings your taste buds alive with a cheerful balance of bursting sweetness, bright fruit flavors, and tangy bubbles. "Sparkling Flower" is a refreshing after work drink or the perfect match for weekend lunch.

    • Choya Junmai Ume Sake (Osaka, Japan)

      300ml bottle - $20

      Junmai Ume sake is made from premium sake and aromatic "ume" (plum) fruit grown in Kishu, the most known region for premium Nanko Ume. Sweet and crisp, this sake pairs great with sushi and sahimi. Perfect for wine drinkers transitioning into sake.

Japanese Plum Wine

    • Drinks Japanese Plum Wine

    • Choya Ume Blanc

      Choya Ume Blanc

      500ml $19

      This natural wine has a gentle sweetness with an elegant touch of acidity. UME, pronounced "wu-meh", is a unique Japanese Fruit with an exquisite aroma. Choya Ume Blanc is an exceptionally high quality fruit wine made from the finest ume fruit.

    • Choya Plum Wine

      Choya Plum Wine

      glass $6 / 500ml $19

      It's made from Japanese plum 'Ume" with real Ume fruits in the bottle. It has balanced sweetness and exotic fragrance. This is a traditional Japanese desert wine.

Sake Creations

    • Drinks Sake Creations

    • Bahama Mama

      Bahama Mama


      Malibu Coconut, Myer's Dark Rum, Grenadine, Creme de Noyaux.

    • Blue Motorcycle

      Blue Motorcycle


      Seagram's Gin, Bacardi Vodka, Montezuma Tequila, Bacardi White Rum, Blue Curacao, Lemon-Lime Soda, and a Splash of Sweet and Sour Mix.

    • Kobe Cocktail

      Kobe Cocktail


      Chilled Kuromatsu Sake, Melon Liqueur, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Creme de Banana.

    • Purple Dream

      Purple Dream


      Rock Cloud Sake, Chambord, and Fresh Lemonade

    • Gummi Bear


      Rock Cloud Sake, Absolut Vanilla, Dekuyper Watermelon, and Cranberry Juice

    • Sunrise Saketini


      Rock Cloud Sake, Orange Juice, and Grenedine

    • Creamsicle


      Rock Cloud Sake, Grey Goose L'Orange, Orange Juice, and Simple Syrup

    • Berry Breeze

      Berry Breeze


      Rock Sake Junmai Daiginjo, Absolut Raspberry, Muddled Berries, Simple Syrup and Lemon Juice

    • Tokyo Mule

      Tokyo Mule


      Rock Sake Junmai Daiginjo, Fresh Grated Ginger, Sweetened Lime Juice, and Simple Syrup

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